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Disturbed Designs:: Disturbed Icons and Graphics

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Disturbed Designs: Disturbed Icons and Graphics
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Welcome to Disturbed Designs!

This community is moderated to prevent people from stealing graphics outside of the community.

If you don't want anyone taking your graphics outside of the community, please make your graphics posts Friends Only!

This is a community for Disturbed graphics, i.e. icons, banners, LJ backgrounds, desktop wallpapers, skins....anything image-y pertaining to Disturbed!!

::I like very much to take requests from all of you, so if you want a graphic, let me know!!! I'll be happy to hook you up! Just be sure to put images under an lj-cut.

::Posts must contain and/or pertain to Disturbed graphics.

::Any posts bigger than icons, or contain more than three icons would be very greatly appreciated if they're put under a cut (see above).

::If the creator of the graphics requests credit, either in icon keywords or LJ userinfo, you will credit them. We've all worked very hard on these creations for all of you, and giving a user credit really won't take all that much time out of your life.

::Nothing pornographic, please. Not that any of you would, but you never know!

Community creator/moderator: perfectpoison

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